No homeless on streets by 2020

19:03, Oct 22 2012
homeless man
HOMELESSNESS: Auckland Council plans to work closely with hospitals and other institutions to find accommodation for the homeless.

It is hoped no-one will be sleeping rough on city streets by 2020 if Auckland Council endorses a regional homeless plan tomorrow.

The idea to eradicate sleeping rough, originally outlined as part of the Auckland Plan, comes after the former Auckland City Council unsuccessfully attempted to do so in 2008.

The former council sought to introduce a bylaw to force homeless people off Queen St and other central-city areas. It was hoped it would address loitering, sleeping in doorways and begging by the 90 or so people who slept rough.

The new council's homeless plan will, among other things, seek to raise public awareness of homelessness, find permanent accommodation for vulnerable people living in temporary accommodation and aim to "empower vulnerable groups".

But at the heart of the plan is the desire to see Auckland's streets free of rough sleepers by 2020.

"Those who sleep rough are at the sharp end of poverty and are the most visible to the public," the plan reads.
One way it hopes to alleviate the problem is to work more closely with hospitals and other institutions in finding accommodation for patients.
"Inappropriate discharge and release plans from institutions are one pathway into homelessness."

Agencies will be found to give newly housed rough sleepers training in budgeting, cooking and life skills.

Research will also be undertaken to try and ascertain an accurate figure on homelessness in the city, including the number of rough sleepers there currently are.

It has been recommended the Social and Community Development Forum endorse the plan tomorrow.

The Auckland City Mission was not available for comment.


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