Yacht survivors bruised, battered

21:17, Nov 09 2012
Steve Jones and Tania Davies
STRICKEN YACHT: Steve Jones and Tania Davies.

A New Zealand woman rescued by a cargo ship after her yacht was caught in bad weather, said she was "totally in shock and completely grateful" to all those involved in the rescue effort.

Aucklander Tania Davies, 43, and Australia-based Briton Steve Jones spent two nights aboard their damaged yacht, Windigo, after it was rolled 700km southwest of Tonga, before they were rescued by the container ship, Chengtu.

The container ship and another yacht had been standing by overnight, maintaining contact with the Windigo, while swells and high winds made a rescue effort too dangerous. The Chengtu arrived at the yacht's position at around 3.40am and the yacht Adventure Bound has also been on the scene overnight.

The pair were eventually pulled aboard around 9am Friday. 

Speaking by Satellite phone Davies said they were very excited to be headed home.

"We are a bit battered and bruised, but that is nothing compared to being able to live the rest of their lives. We are looking forward to terra firma," she said.


Both crew suffered mild to moderate head injuries.

"We are a bit battered and bruised, but that is nothing compared to being able to live the rest of their lives," Davies said.

Jones had a concussion and back injury and received medical attention from Davies under the guidance of Rescue crew.

"Steve consumed four cups of coffee in six minutes, it had been a long time between hot drinks. He is doing well," she said.

The container ship will now head South to meet the New Zealand Navy vessel HMNZS Otago, which will transport the pair back to Auckland. They are due to arrive in New Zealand in two days.

Davies mother said her daughter enjoys a bit of adventure, but had never got her self in this kind of trouble.
"I suppose I have a touch for pushing the boundaries," Davies said.

But at this point Davies said they won't be back out on a yacht any time soon.

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