JJ accused will not give evidence

02:32, Nov 12 2012
JJ Lawrence
JJ LAWRENCE: The two-year-old died at his home in Auckland in November 2011.

Accused child murderer Joel Loffley has elected not to give evidence in his own defence.

Loffley's trial for the murder of two-year-old JJ Lawrence has moved to closing addresses after Loffley indicated this morning that he would not be giving evidence, nor would his lawyers call any evidence on his behalf.

The Crown's evidence concluded on Friday with Loffley's police interview played to the High Court in Auckland.

Police asked Loffley if their enquiries would find any domestic violence in his past, to which he replied: "All my ex-girlfriends."

"I bashed them all up...but never against the kids," he said.

He later admitted to often giving his sons, including JJ, a "kick up the a....".

The Crown case is that Loffley struck JJ on the morning of November 14, 2011 at their Orakei, Auckland, home while mother Josephine Lawrence was out of the house.

Doctors said the injuries looked like they had been caused by a car crash.

JJ was also found to have cannabis in his system, which his mother said Loffley used to give to the boy.

Loffley said JJ fell off a bed and his legs went over his head when he hit the ground.

In his police interview, Loffley admitted it was strange that he had given JJ a shower then put him back to bed after the accident, only shortly after the boy had got up and before he had had any breakfast.

He said JJ was "fine" in the shower.

Earlier, he insinuated his brother Gabriel Loffley may have been involved.

"I'm not the one who's jealous of my relationship with my stepson," he said.

Loffley told police he had changed the SIM card in his phone because of all the death threats he had received over the case.


Joel Loffley
JOEL LOFFLEY: The 29-year-old is accused of murdering two-year-old JJ Lawrence.

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