Teen robbed at knifepoint for phone

18:44, Nov 12 2012
Zane Kou
VICTIM: Zane Kou, 16, was attacked by an armed robber on Friday morning near the Glen Eden bowling club.

Being held down by a stranger with a sharp tool to his throat was not the exam preparation Zane Kou needed.

The Glen Eden teenager is sitting his first set of NCEA exams this week but is still shaken after being attacked by an armed robber on Friday morning.
The 16-year-old was walking along a shortcut near the Glen Eden Bowling Club, which goes from Verdale Circle to the town centre, when he noticed a young man looking at him.

"I put my headphones in and I went to walk past him. He put his hat down and I saw him pull something from his pocket," he said.

"When I tried to walk past him he blocked my way."

Kou said he was pushed to the ground before the attacker held a sharpened tool against his throat.

"He started patting down my pockets and felt my cellphone. He asked what it was. I tried to move but it [the sharp tool] cut my throat and I gave him my phone."

The attacker ran away and Kou gave chase but was unable to keep up with him. Zou is now worried about how the incident will affect him during his exams and he wants the robber caught.

"I don't think it's the first time that he's ever done something like this. I won't be taking that shortcut alone any more."

Detective sergeant Peter Litherland said police were investigating the incident.

He said it appeared to be an "opportunistic attack".

Litherland said Zou had described his attacker as a tall Caucasian with a slim build in his late teens. He had short brown hair with golden tints.


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