Gas leak shuts down Auckland trains

20:16, Nov 12 2012

A gas leak near King's College in Otahuhu suspended trains on the southern and eastern lines this morning.

The fire service was called to the leak on Hospital Rd shortly after 8am and crews have cordoned off Mangere Rd to Middlemore Hospital. 

The gas had since been shut off and contractors are dealing with the problem, a fire service spokesman said. 

Auckland Transport alerted commuters to the problem around 8.30am, saying trains were suspended on the southern line between Puhinui and Otahuhu.

A Veolia Transport spokewoman said trains were back running by about 9am but communters could expect some delays.

Meanwhile, the fire service were called to the Regent Theatre on Queen St, at 7.27am, and arrived to find an upstairs bar area full of smoke.

A fire service spokesman said there had been a fault with a hot water cylinder. Fire crews used electric fans to clear the smoke. There was no reported fire damage.  


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