Parking clampdown at regional parks

Commuters and boaties are set to have their parking spaces nicked as Auckland Transport looks to clamp down on the use of spaces at regional and city parks.

Auckland Transport has asked the council for permission to ticket and tow vehicles parked illegally at parks.
This comes after Auckland Transport in August was given permission to enforce restrictions to stop commuters parking in Myers Park, Dove-Myer Robinson and Pt Erin Park in central Auckland.

"These parks were considered to be the most problematic due to commuters taking advantage of the car parking and preventing the availability of space for those who wish to use the parks during the working day," an item in the Regional Development and Operations Committee agenda reads.

But parks elsewhere in Auckland are also experiencing problems.

In the north, at Jamieson Bay, there are eight parking spaces which are used for long periods by boat trailer parking, according to the agenda.

In the west, Opanuku Reserve, Swanston Station Park and Barron Green are used by commuters; and in the central area the Auckland Domain and Orakei Basin are taken advantage of.

There were no reported concerns for parks in South Auckland.

The plan is for local boards to work with Auckland Transport to set up restrictions for each park.

The council's Regional Development and Operations Committee will discuss tomorrow whether or not to allow the council-controlled organisation to place parking restrictions, with officers recommending they do.

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