Shooting victim linked to MP

A man shot in the leg at an Auckland house on Tuesday night is understood to be a senior boxing official who was once said to have acted as a bodyguard for an MP.

John Glozier, also known as David John Blaikie, 51, suffered serious injuries in the shooting on Hayr Rd, Three Kings about 10pm.

He underwent surgery yesterday at Auckland City Hospital and a spokesman confirmed he was in a stable condition and recovering in a ward.

When contacted, the 51-year-old's family said they were unaware he'd been shot.

Glozier, who comes from a prominent boxing family, has been a long-time official, trainer and boxing matchmaker. He is also the New Zealand supervisor for the World Boxing Organisation.

Previous news reports named Glozier as one of Winston Peters' bodyguards when the latter was deputy prime minister in the 1990s - a claim the MP denies.

"I've never had a minder or bodyguard, everybody knows that. I've had diplomatic protection and everything else, but I've never had a bodyguard," Peters said.

He admitted having once hired a private security firm, although Glozier was not involved.

"John is a ... boxing organiser or a trainer. And the last time I saw him was at a big boxing match," Peters said.

The MP - who said he was a boxing fan - was not aware of the shooting.

"I'm not surprised nobody's told me, but that's always a sad thing to hear. I know his father, you see."

Glozier has had several run-ins with the law and in 2001 was found guilty at a trial for conspiring to import cocaine with a street value in excess of $800,000.

The boxing promoter, who was sentenced under the name Blaikie, appealed the five-year sentence. The appeal was dismissed.

At the time, he was already serving a jail term of two years and 10 months for possession of methamphetamine for supply.

Yesterday, a police spokeswoman said a silver 1996 BMW Sedan, registration BZL461, was stolen from the house shortly after the shooting. It was unclear whether it was Glozier's car.

A Mt Albert Rd resident said he was woken around 11.30pm by a woman banging on his door asking for help.

He did not know any of the people involved in the shooting and had never seen the woman before.

Police said it was possible the two men responsible for the shooting were travelling in the stolen car after the incident.

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