Auckland trains halted by signal failure

Rail commuters in Auckland are facing significant delays tonight after a signal failure brought services to standstill during rush hour.

All services in the city are running again after being halted for about 40 minutes after a signal failure about 6.30pm.

Auckland Transport said rail commuters should expect significant delays.

Angry commuters, some of whom were forced to catch buses or taxis, vented their frustration on Twitter.

@RichBTwittin said: "#Aucklandtransport, are you planning on compensating your customers for this catastrophic failure? Very poor form."

Passengers even appeared to have been stuck on stranded train near Auckland's main railway station.

At 6.40pm, @jerro70 tweeted: "Stuck on broken train just outside Britomart. Staff do not appear to know what is going on."

Rail network operator Veolia Transport could not be immediately reached for comment.

In April, after a signal failure in Wellington left Auckland commuters waiting for over an hour Auckland Mayor Len Brown demanded answers as to why back up systems failed.

An investigation by KiwiRail in April found a faulty "uninterruptable power supply" which feeds the Auckland network control desk caused the outage.

It was immediately removed and a replacement was installed.

 - An earlier version of this story reported that the signal failure which affected Auckland trains tonight was in Wellington. KiwiRail says the signal fault occurred in Auckland.

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