Warning over toxic shellfish

A public health warning has been issued against people collecting shellfish along Auckland's coastline.

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service said routine shellfish toxin testing from the Manukau Harbour shows high levels of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PS).

Toxic shellfish have been detected as far down as Mohakatino, in the Taranaki, to Manukau Harbour and up to Kaipara Heads.

Shellfish including kina, mussels, toheoa, pipis, tuatua, oysters, cockles and scallops. Cooking shellfish does not remove the toxin. 

The ARPHS will continue to monitor the toxicity levels of the shellfish.

Symptoms of PSP usually occur 12 hours after eating toxic shellfish.

They include numbness and tingling around the mouth, face or extremities; difficulties in swallowing or breathing; dizziness or double vision. In severe cases people can experience paralysis or respiratory failure.

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