Auckland company tells tale of KFC

18:45, Nov 19 2012
KFC: Auckland company Redcactus has produced a book on the history of Colonel Sanders.

An Auckland company has been let in on the secrets of takeaway mega brand KFC after producing a secret VIP book on the history of Colonel Sanders.

Branding agency Redcactus was asked by the KFC head office in Louisville, Kentucky, to publish a limited edition run of the book Col. Harland Sanders - The Autobiography of the Original Celebrity Chef.

The book is based on the Colonel's original manuscript, which was unearthed earlier this year by an employee going through the company's Kentucky archives.

Just 2280 hard copies of the exclusive book were printed in Auckland amid tight security and shipped to the US.

"The hard copy editions are for KFC VIPs only," Redcactus managing director Chris Chong said.

"The heightened security meant all proofs and print trials had to be destroyed. The printing plates are currently securely stored and will be sent to the US to be put into the KFC vault in Louisville, Kentucky.

"We also had to certify that the first 11 copies printed and to come off the binding machines were tagged, as they will go into the vault, alongside the Colonel's secret 11 herbs and spices recipe."

Redcactus was awarded the project after it was asked to present design ideas to KFC's US chief marketing officer.

It also follows a long running relationship with the Australian arm of KFC.

Chong said the company was "incredibly proud to be part of a major milestone for one of the world's most recognised brands".

"Being tasked with the responsibility of working on both the Australian and US businesses has been a result of long-term relationships based on trust, experience and creative delivery," Chong said.

"With a company as big, and a brand as high profile as KFC, it's all about our continued performance and creative excellence. We know we have to keep coming up with the big ideas."


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