Softball fans meet heroes

03:50, Nov 20 2012
Black Sox
STOKED: Thirteen-year-old softball fan Bradley Woon with Black Sox Campbell Makea, Rhys Casely and Daniel Milne at Starship's Ronald McDonald House.

Softball fan Bradley Woon met his sporting heroes today at Auckland's Ronald McDonald House.

Bradley, 13, who has recently had surgery to remove a brain tumour, hung out with three of the Black Sox team after they paid a visit to sick children at the house.

He was joined by his twin brother Adam and older brother Luke.

The team's captain, Rhys Casely, as well as Campbell Makea and Daniel Milne, threw a ball around with Bradley, and then went and talked with some of the other patients staying at the house.

Bradley said his main message for the team was that they had to win the world series.

"I was quite excited - I'm just so much into softball it was great to see them. I support the whole team."

Paul, Bradley's dad, said he was "over the moon" the players had come to visit his son. 

"[Bradley] said 'This is going to be awesome dad - meeting all the guys who are going to aim for the world series would be great'."

Makea said the best part of his day was Bradley's excitement.

"It's quite humbling to see how excited the kids were for us to be here."

Bradley expects to be out of Ronald MacDonald house in March, which coincides with the World Softball Championships.

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Black Sox
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