Kidnap, rape accused denied bail

19:04, Nov 22 2012

A man accused of kidnapping, beating and raping a Northland woman has failed in his bid for bail.

In the North Shore District Court yesterday the prospect of electronically monitored bail, a 24-hour curfew and 500km between 26-year-old Joachim Michael Quest and the complainant was not enough to persuade Judge Thomas Everitt to allow him out of custody.

Sumudu Thode, QC, said a New Plymouth address had been deemed suitable by probation but the police were opposed to Quest's release and had been since his first appearance on the "very serious charges" on October 31.

Thode said "the second he absconds, the police would be aware and there would be enough time for the complainant to be notified", but that was not enough peace of mind for the judge.

"Apparently he has an obsessive interest in the complainant," Judge Everitt said.

"He is a methamphetamine abuser and I think there's a serious risk to the complainant and to himself."

Quest had lost employment since being remanded in custody but his counsel said there was an opportunity to start working again if bail was granted to his mother's property.

Neighbours had voiced their concern at Quest living next door but Thode said that should not affect the judge's deliberation.

The judge acknowledged it may be at least a year before the matter went to trial but said releasing the defendant would be "a major risk to society in general".

Quest was also accused of careless driving and refusing to give an evidential blood test, charges he indicated would be defended.

The decision to deny bail will be appealed next month and Quest will be back in the North Shore District Court in January.


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