MPs visit city's 'affordable' homes

02:14, Nov 26 2012
HOME SWEET HOME: Annette King and homeowner Brandon du Jong with Phil Goff and David Shearer at a Housing Foundation home in Mt Roskill.

Opposition leader David Shearer got a closer look at what houses built under the Kiwibuild scheme could be like today.

The proposed Labour policy would be the biggest government house building programme in 50 years and promises to get 100,000 families into new affordable homes within 10 years.

Shearer spent the morning touring New Zealand Housing Foundation properties across Auckland to promote the policy by illustrating innovative projects already underway.

The foundation is a charitable trust that helps low to middle income people into houses through a range of shared equity programmes.

His second stop was in Mt Roskill where he saw larger homes worth $400,000-$500,000.

''A lot of people are asking what can you build in Auckland for that money. We're saying if you can build these here so close to central Auckland, we should be able to build much bigger homes if we're doing it en masse.'' 

Kiwibuild would be overseen by Housing NZ but be undertaken by private builders.

The houses would be priced to cover costs, but would not be sold at a loss.

They would be restricted to first home buyers and buyers would have to live in them for a set time yet to be determined.

A penalty would apply if they were sold early.

The foundations properties are an excellent example of what could be built under Kiwibuild, MP Phil Goff said.

''These are at the higher end for middle income families, but there are still about $100,000 cheaper than most houses in Auckland.

''It's medium density housing, but its a nice density. It's not like infill housing where a house is crammed on the end of a property. They're well built. 

''We're looking at  rolling this out on a national scale. It would mean a young couple really trying to get off their feet would be able to get into their own home."

The MPs are meeting with the mayor this afternoon to discuss options for making land available for the project.

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