Celebs' empty marmite jars make art

21:07, Nov 27 2012
CHARITY PROJECT: Marmite jars for a Christchurch Christmas fundraiser A Beautiful Struggle being photographed by Chris Sisarich.

He's used to snapping New Zealand's top models, now Chris Sisarich has captured the dregs of celebrities' Marmite jars for a charity fundraiser.

The Auckland photographer has captured the Marmite remains in 19 portraits to be sold to raise money for earthquake-hit Cantabrians.

The Sanitarium factory was closed last November due to earthquake damage and since then Marmite has been scarcely available.

RUNNING LOW: Actress Greer Robson-Kirk's empty Marmite jar.

The project called A Beautiful Struggle features Marmite jars from Rachel Hunter, Marc Ellis, Annah Mac and Sir Graham Henry, among others.

Sisarich said it fascinated him that something like Marmite "which is part of the daily routine for many Kiwis, has been elevated to the realm of artwork since the shortage".

"I hope that other Kiwis are taking a moment to reflect on the difficulties of the past two years for Christchurch as they reach the bottom of their jars," he said. 

"The imagery inside each jar is extremely distinctive; it's more than just an empty Marmite jar. It's evident that everyone has been scraping at the bottom to get every last bit out - I know I have."

The original photographs with signed lids go to auction via www.abeautifulstruggle.co.nz from Friday and close on December 9.

The limited edition poster prints are now selling on TradeMe with all proceeds going to Rebuild Christchurch Foundation for Project Christmas.


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