Career criminal's court challenge


Having won a fight at the Court of Appeal reducing his imprisonment on a drug charge by one and a half years, career criminal Arthur Taylor has challenged the sentence further at the Supreme Court. 

Taylor was jailed for seven years in May last year with a minimum non-parole period of three and a half years for being part of a methamphetamine ring inside Paremoremo prison.

The 55-year-old was convicted on one charge of conspiring to supply P but acquitted on three additional charges of offering to sell the class A drug following a trial in the High Court at Auckland in February.

After sentencing, Taylor, who was already in jail serving a 12-year sentence which would have kept him locked up until 2017, issued a press release from behind bars calling his sentence ''savage'' and announcing he would appeal.

In July the Court of Appeal rejected Taylor's appeal against conviction but reduced his sentence to five and a half years. 

Taylor asked the Supreme Court for leave to appeal the Court of Appeal's dismissal of his challenge against conviction and also argued that court should have ''reduced further'' his sentence.

His arguments centred around delays in the use of evidence obtained by interception warrants against him and that one of the Court of Appeal judges, because of his previous dealings with him - Taylor has more than 130 convictions - could be "bias". 

In a decision released last week the Supreme Court rejected all of Taylor's arguments and dismissed both of his requests.

Taylor will be locked up until at least 2020.

Auckland Now