Robot stolen in smash-and-grab

22:31, Dec 12 2012
STOLEN: Sid the robot was stolen from the Propellerhead offices in downtown Auckland.

Thieves smashed a window to steal a custom-made designer robot in what its owners believe could be a stolen-to-order burglary.

The sculpture, affectionately known as Sid, was stolen from Auckland software company Propellerhead Tuesday night in a break-in caught on CCTV camera.

Sid, created by well-known Auckland artist Martin Horspool, was extremely valuable as a piece of art and instantly recognisable by his propeller hat.

"It was obviously someone who wanted him for an underground collection or something similar," Propellerhead director Sandra Kaminski said.

"Otherwise why go to the trouble of smashing the window and committing a crime like that if you're not going to take anything else from the office."

CCTV footage shows two men driving up to the company’s Drake St office in what looks like a Subaru, about 3.30am.
They both get out of the car, put on disguises, then one smashes the front office window. The other keeps a look-out while the man picks up Sid and they then drive away.
Sid is 50cm tall and has “Propellerhead” written on him.

Kaminski said the staff were shocked not just by the break-in but that someone would commit such a strange crime.

"Whoever has him can't really do anything with him because he's one-of-a-kind," she said.

The theft has been reported to police. Anyone with information is asked to come forward.

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