Cat shot in head with airgun

19:47, Dec 12 2012
jordan, shot cat
ON THE MEND: Jordan is resting up at home after being shot in the jaw.

A cat has been shot in the head with an airgun in what police are calling an "appalling act".

It was originally thought Jordan the cat had been hit by a car outside his Beach Haven home. But when a vet later examined him a slug from what appeared to be a .22 airgun was found in his mouth.

Owner Brenda Hanna said she and her husband Norris are worried the shooter will strike again.

"It's not just that Jordan's been injured, it's that he's been intentionally injured. We're very concerned about pets and schoolchildren if there's some lunatic out there."

Norris was home on the afternoon of November 22 when Jordan was shot. He heard a single bang, but thought it was fireworks.

Other neighbours have told the Hannas they heard gunshots earlier in the week as well.

"It's a bit worrying if someone is indiscriminately using a .22 rifle in the area," Brenda said.

The vet who treated Jordan at Parkhill Vet Hospital said it was an unusual injury in that he was shot through his open mouth. If the shot had been at a slightly different angle the bullet would have hit his skull.

She said as it was more common to see animals with injuries from BB guns, injuries inflicted with higher-powered air guns were "quite alarming".
Jordan is now recovering after a week-long stay at the vet. The Hannas have spent about $1500 treating him.

Some fragments of the slug are still embedded in his jaw and he needs to be fed through a tube every two hours for the next month. He also suffered broken teeth.

Acting Sergeant Mark Wakefield said the act of shooting a domestic pet in an urban area "is appalling".

Wakefield said .22 rifles were easy to obtain which made them popular, but the same rules about discharging them in built-up areas apply as for normal firearms.

Anyone with information on this incident or any similar incident in the area of Odin Pl and Island Bay Rd is asked to contact Glenfield police on (09) 443 8039 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


jordan, shot cat
NASTY ATTACK: An x-ray showing part of the slug from an airgun still lodged in Jordan's jaw.

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