Cyclone Evan to hit Auckland

02:26, Dec 16 2012
cyclone evan
WILD WEATHER: Cyclone Evan crossing Samoa. It is now headed for Fiji.

For the first time weather forecasters are predicting that Cyclone Evan will hit New Zealand's Northland and Auckland area toward the end of the week.

Super Cyclone Evan powered across two small Pacific islands this morning, home to 15,000, after wrecking havoc on Samoa and now Fiji.

Samoa, which was savaged by the storm on Thursday night, has four people confirmed dead and eight missing.

Evan is now moving south west toward Fiji and earlier this morning intensified into a category four storm, meaning conditions are extreme with average winds of 210 to 250 kph.

The upgrade came as Evan was virtually on top of Wallis Island, part of the French territory of Wallis and Futuna.

The islands, the only kingdoms within the Republic of France, are now completely cut off.

Fiji's military regime has mobilized its large army ahead of Evan's arrival off the north eastern end of Vanua Levu.

Track prediction charts have so far kept the eye of the storm out to sea but in the last 12 hours predictions have it much closer to land.

Meanwhile Auckland mayor Len Brown has expressed his condolences to the people of Samoa and is working with Auckland’s Pasifika communities on how the city can best assist in the recovery effort.

"I have been in contact with the Pasifika communities in Auckland and there is understandable worry and upset.  When things are clear and we understand what  practical assistance might be of value, we will look at what we might do to help,” said Brown.
"In the mean time, our thoughts and prayers are with the people in Samoa and the Samoan community here as they await news from the islands. Our thoughts are also with the people of Fiji as they prepare for the arrival of Evan."


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