Man tasered for car in downtown Auckland

18:39, Dec 17 2012

A man was tasered twice and had a gun pointed at him by two men who stole his car on Friday.

The man was sitting in his VW Golf at Rub-A-Dub Carwash & Express Valet, on Quay St, about 1am when a man opened his driver's side door, a police spokeswoman said.

The victim told police the man then shocked him with a handheld taser.
When he tried to drive off, the spokeswoman said, he stalled his car and was tasered again.

A second man, armed with what looked to be a fake pistol, then opened his passenger side door.

The spokeswoman said the gun "was waved" at the victim, before he ran from the scene.

One of the thieves then stole his car, registration number GPA937 - which is still to be recovered - while the other got into a gun-metal grey Subaru Impreza and was driven away.


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