Pet cat mauled by pitbulls

21:33, Dec 18 2012
Cat mauled by dogs
JASPA: The beloved pet was almost 95 in cat years when it was mauled by two pitbulls.

Memories are all John and Lyn Clark have left of their cat Jaspa after he was mauled by two pitbulls.

The retired Red Hill couple had owned the cat for 18 years and he was like a member of the family, Lyn said.

''He had a personality and a mind of his own. He could be a bit grumpy sometimes but that's from the old age. He was a good cat.''

Despite nearing 95 in feline years, Jaspa had been deemed healthy at his last visit to the vet and the Clarks were looking forward to having him around for another year.

''We were hoping he would last the summer because he was a real sun lover. He'd just go out in the morning and he'd go wait for the sun,'' John said.

But on the morning of November 24, John was in the kitchen and heard a meow from Jaspa's favourite sun spot.

He ran outside to find two pitbulls had the cat on the ground. He chased them away but the cat's jaw was broken into pieces and he was bleeding from the mouth. 

The Clarks wrapped Jaspa in a towel and called the vet. After an examination they were told he was unlikely to survive an operation.

With heavy hearts the Clarks had Jaspa put down. 

''It was horrible - just devastating. Absolutely devastating,'' Jan said.

''If he had gone peacefully we would have been able to accept it but this was just horrendous.''

They are slowly coming to terms with the incident but will never own a cat again, she said.

The Clarks are begging owners to keep their dogs under control. Jan said she was worried the dogs went straight for Jaspa's face, as often happens when children are attacked by dogs.

''What if that had been a wee child?'' 

But, she holds little hope of finding the culprits.

Animal Control spokesman Ian Milnes said officers were patrolling Red Hill three to four times a day but had not found the dogs.

Milnes said there are 20 registered pitbulls in the Papakura area. 

''Dogs constantly move in and out of the area and new or unknown dogs are discovered through door-to-door visits and other routine activities,'' he said.

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John Clark
DEARLY MISSED: John Clark and his wife Lyn are slowly coming to terms with their ordeal.

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