Row over Christmas book deliveries

IN TRANSIT: A shipment of books that arrived at Auckland Airport will be delivered in time, says NZ Post.
IN TRANSIT: A shipment of books that arrived at Auckland Airport will be delivered in time, says NZ Post.

NZ Post will attempt to deliver an estimated 12,000 books by Christmas bought from an online retailer which claimed they were "discovered" at Auckland Airport's international mail centre.

The books were bought from The Book Depository, which said they were lost upon reaching New Zealand.

However, an NZ Post spokesman said the books were not randomly discovered at the mail centre.

"Following a joint investigation with our air freight partners and NZ Post, a backlog of approximately 12,000 items was discovered at Auckland Airport and these have now been processed by NZ Post," The Book Depository told customers via Twitter yesterday. 

But NZ Post external communications manager John Tulloch said the shipment arrived yesterday and the miscommunication by the vendor was unfortunate.

"I think there is a misunderstanding here, maybe some unclear messaging from someone, but its not a case of a container load of books being discovered somewhere," he said.

"The issue has been about the supply chain to New Zealand - there has never ever been an issue with the processing, either by Customs or by NZ Post." "A reasonably significant consignment arrived into the country [yesterday] and us and Customs are well geared up to process it, and we'd like to think we can get those books to people by Christmas.

"Our posties and processing people are bending over backwards."

Tulloch said the company's tweet did not represent actual events. 

"NZ Post and Customs are not responsible for the supply chain of getting these books to New Zealand so there may well have been issues and that's a matter for the vendor and freighter," he said. 

The Book Depository updated its Twitter feed this morning after NZ Post requested public clarification.

"Further to our earlier message we would like to clarify the delays are not as a result of backlogs or delays at New Zealand Post. Rather as a result of capacity issues prior to arrival in New Zealand. We're pleased the books are on the ground and on their way!"

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