Masked gunman robs cash van

18:36, Dec 19 2012

A gunman has stolen tens of thousands of dollars from an Armourguard security van in Auckland.  

A police spokeswoman said two Armourguard staff were robbed while refilling a cash machine at Countdown supermarket on the corner of Te Irirangi Dr and Great South Rd in Manukau at 7am on Monday.

One of the employees was taking two cash boxes from the van to the ATM when a man appeared behind him and yelled "yo", the spokeswoman said.

The robber, who was disguised and armed with a rifle, stole the largest cash box believed to contain tens of thousands of dollars.

He then fled the scene in a Honda Odyssey, registration EZQ478.

The vehicle, which has since been found, was stolen from Greenlane on December 15.


The offender was described as a Polynesian man in his 20s about 187cm tall.

He was wearing dirty grey overalls and a black balaclava.

Police have spoken to the Armourguard staff involved and have taken security camera footage from the area. 

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to contact Counties Manukau police. 

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