Plea to fix fatal crash hot spot

PAYING TRIBUTE: This memorial cross remembers motorcyclist Christopher Jonkers.
PAYING TRIBUTE: This memorial cross remembers motorcyclist Christopher Jonkers.

Friends of a young man killed in a motorcycle crash in Swanson keep vigil at night in the spot where he died.

And residents say more lives could  be lost at the intersection where Christopher Jonkers, 23, died after his motorbike and a car collided on November 19.

The former Massey High School student died at the scene.

Jonkers' friends have paid tribute by writing messages and placing mementoes around his memorial cross on Birdwood Rd.  

The intersection is notorious for car crashes including two more since the fatal smash.

Residents from nearby Bradnor Meadows Dr are pressing to have improvements made to the intersection and the stretch of Birdwood Rd leading up to Crows Rd.

A rise in Birdwood Rd just before the intersection creates a dangerous blind spot for drivers, Marie Clare Mckay said, and gives people pulling out of Crows Rd just moments to make a decision. 

''This is normally the cause of accidents that happen there.'' 

The adjacent planned development of the Birdwood Vineyard Estate is exciting for the community but the road is a concern. 

''I will not be letting my children cross Birdwood Rd without adult supervision and many of my neighbours would agree. It would only be a matter of time before a pedestrian is run down.'' 

Neighbour Mike Kilpatrick of Bradnor Meadows Dr said the 50kmh straight stretch was treated like an open road.

''It seems like you're heading out of town and the temptation is to speed up.''

Resident Steve Williams said the whole of Birdwood Rd used to be a 100kmh zone before a new subdivision was built in the area.

''There are so many near misses there will be another crash very soon.''

Boy racers doing donuts and spinning out of control are keeping irate residents awake at night.

''One crashed into a power pole and drove away,'' he said.

Williams said a surveillance camera and more road signs would thwart reckless driving and rubbish dumping in the area.

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