Licence suspended after bar fight

An assault where a woman was pushed off her chair on to glass, requiring stitches, has resulted in a Pakuranga bar employee having her general manager's certificate suspended.

The case was one of three that went before the Liquor Licensing Authority recently.

Stacey Cox, an employee of Headin Home bar and Grill, was slapped with a five week ban over the assault.

Cox went to another nearby bar after finishing work and got into an argument with another customer.

"The argument was heated enough for security staff to split them apart," the decision records.

Cox then, according to the decision, walked over to the other patron and "aggressively" forced her off her chair causing her to fall to the ground.

The victim cut both of her hands and needed stitches.

The police were called but, despite being arrested, Cox was not charged. 

The authority was satisfied there may have been some provocation, but nevertheless decided to suspend her certificate.

In another recent case, Sanjay Chaudray applied for a general manager's certificate so he could help out in his brother's business, Scorpion Wines and Spirits in Papatoetoe. 

However, a criminal history, including threatening to kill in a domestic incident involving a knife made "nasty reading", the authority said.

The application was refused.

In the third case the license for Deng Deng Sushi and Sake, in central Auckland, was suspended for 24 hours after alcohol was sold to an underage person.The general manager's certificate of Hak Kim was also suspended for three weeks.

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