Six hundred break speed limit at black spot

More than 600 people have been caught driving over the speed limit in one day at a notorious Auckland traffic black spot.

Waitemata road policing manager Inspector Mark Fergus said during a six hour period yesterday more than 600 cars were photographed exceeding the speed limit in Dome Valley.

Fergus said Dome Valley had one of the countries highest crash rates and many of the crashes were related to speed.

"Police will be heavily targeting this, and other risk areas on the holiday routes north of Auckland, to ensure drivers keep their speed down and complete their journeys safely," he said.

Nationally, police are issuing tickets to drivers detected driving any more than 4kmh over the speed limit and speed cameras have also been set at this level.

"Not all Christmas surprises are good ones, and there are going to be lot of drivers receiving more than late Christmas cards in the mail early next year," he said.

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