Lost jandals turned to art

16:00, Jan 22 2013
Gary Healey jandals
FANCY FOOTWORK: Photographer Gary Healey with a collection of abandoned jandals he's bought home.

Ever been to the beach and lost your jandals? An Auckland man might be able to find them for you.

They might be a little worse for wear though - as are most of the jandals and old shoes in photographer Gary Healey's ever-expanding collection.

The soiled and scuffed footwear is part of his photographic collection Lost Soles, a record of the many abandoned shoes he has seen at Orere Pt Beach, near his home.

Gary Healey jandals
LOST SOLES: Some of the images in Gary Healey's collection.

He has a penchant for taking photos of things that other people don't notice.

"We've all seen a gazillion photos of a sunset... I've always had an interest in taking photos of things other people overlook, like the fat at the bottom of a roasting dish or a dead sheep," he said.

His first innocent snap of an old jandal in the sand was quickly followed by another. Since then he has snapped hundreds of discarded jandals as well as a few sandshoes and "a gumboot or two".


Scrolling through his old images he realised some were duplicates as jandals had been swept out to sea and dumped again in a different place. He also started bringing them home.

His wife, writer Jenny Healey, started to get "a bit cranky" about the mess so Gary is putting the jandals to another artistic use by nailing them to the fence.

Some of his better finds are also used as they were intended, including a pair of abandoned black Crocs that have been resoled with purple jandal rubber. He finds them "very comfortable".

No-one has ever recognised their footwear and asked for it back. 

The shoes have featured on gift cards and T-shirts and his photographs will soon be available online at www.garyhealey.co.nz.

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