Council steps in to protect Auckland Domain

22:48, Feb 03 2013
Auckland Domain
TIME FOR CHANGE: Major events and increasing numbers of vehicles are putting pressure on Auckland Domain.

Auckland Council is putting steps in place to protect the city's oldest park, Auckland Domain, as rapid change and competing projects threaten to irretrievably change the landscape.

Tomorrow the Parks, Heritage and Recreation Forum will vote on whether or not to create a domain master plan that would provide a framework and guidelines for any change in the next 10 to 15 years.

Council officers reporting to the forum said use of the domain had increased significantly over the past 10 years "with pressure points being major events and vehicle use".

There were at least 15 projects happening in the domain, or which had a direct affect on it, including sports field improvements, the development of the nearby Parnell Train Station and potential changes to the size and shape of the Auckland Museum.

There is concern that most of these projects were being carried out without consideration for the other, officers said.

"Stakeholders, [council] officers and neighbours including Auckland Museum, are actively advocating for a change in the park egress and access to reduce the impact of cars and enable safer and more intuitive access through Auckland Domain," officers said.

Long term goals for the park include improving the pedestrian and cycling environment, slowing traffic and upgrading footpaths and signage.

"The proposed master plan would provide an opportunity to bring all of these projects together."

Officers have proposed that a panel of people including representatives from the council be established to develop the plan. 


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