Police chase offender into house

05:08, Feb 04 2013
POLICE CHASE: Officers apprehended the offender near the former residence of the King of Tonga.

An offender on the run from police climbed into a house and told its owner "I'm hiding" before being sniffed out by a police dog.

Three young men led officers on a prolonged chase near Mt Eden this afternoon after they allegedly committed a burglary and drove away in a stolen car.

Senior Sergeant Greg Sowter said the trio, aged between 19 and 20, were pursued by a patrol car from Sandringham and through the Balmoral and Epsom areas.

With the Eagle helicopter and dog squad closing in, they dumped the car in a side street off St Leonards Rd and tried to escape on foot.

"They took off through the properties. There's a lot of big flash housing up there which they ran through in an attempt to evade police," Sowter said.

Two of the men were captured quickly, but the third climbed into a house next to the former residence of the King of Tonga, where he was disturbed by the homeowner.


"He told the guy, 'I'm hiding'" Sowter said. "The owner has then gone outside and seen police and told us that he's there."

A dog unit went into the house straight away, where the man was arrested. All three will be charged with burglary.

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