Chemical fumes close Auckland school

01:47, Feb 11 2013

The caretaker at an Auckland school is being treated for gas inhalation after two pool chemicals reacted badly causing the school to be evacuated today. 

Hillpark Primary School, in Manurewa, was closed about 10am when the school property manager was "overcome" after breathing in the fumes, fire service spokeswoman Tania Matthews said.

Principal Gavin Beere said the chemicals mixed, causing chlorine fumes to be released.

He said children and staff were evacuated from the school and were not exposed to the fumes.

"Fire and emergency services were called immediately and the area cordoned off. Emergency staff dealt with a chemical spill and ensured the area was safe.'' 

Fire crews decontaminated the caretaker, who was taken to Middlemore Hospital.


Beere said the man was taken to hospital as a precaution and was in a ''comfortable condition''.

He was expected to be released this afternoon. 

Beere said the pool would remain closed until the Department of Labour completes its investigation. 

Matthews said after using fans for several hours to clear fumes, firefighters left the Grande Vue Rd school about 1.30pm, and it was reopened. 

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