Air pistol used in alleged hold-up

A man who allegedly shot the owners of an Indian takeaway shop in West Auckland with an air pistol has appeared in court. 

Moses Lincoln, 21, appeared at the Waitakere District Court this afternoon on charges of aggravated robbery, using an air pistol to commit an aggravated robbery, aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a firearm.

According to court documents, police allege Lincoln kicked open the door to the Shivas Curry House around 10.30pm last night, partially smashing it off its hinges.

The female shop owner, Sumintra Govinda, screamed out for help and as she did so, Lincoln allegedly hit her in the face before revealing the air pistol, which was hidden in his pants. 

He allegedly shot her in the chest and attempted to grab her by the collar as she yelled for help.

When her husband, Stephen Govinda, emerged from the kitchen, Lincoln allegedly held the pistol to his head and demanded he give him all the money in the shop - including the till.

Stephen then put the cash till, with $380 in it, in Lincoln's bag while the pistol was allegedly held to his head.

As Stephen attempted to protect his head by raising his hands, Lincoln allegedly shot him in the arm.

Lincoln then ran from the shop, but was tripped by a customer and dropped the pistol.

As he ran across the road, he ran straight into a police car and police gave chase. He was arrested shortly after.

Neither of the Govindas were seriously injured, but both sustained bruising and tenderness as well as small welts.

Lincoln was denied bail and has been remanded in custody until March 7.

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