Milford development plans stopped

A huge intensification of the North Shore suburb of Milford that would have seen the development of up to 250 townhouses and 16-storey-high apartment blocks has been turned down.

A hearings panel appointed by Auckland Council were considering plan change 34, which sought intensive residential development around Milford Mall.

The applicant was mall owner Milford Centre Ltd.

The application was first made in 2008, and so pre-dates current intensification plans by the council.

In its report, released yesterday, the panel said: ''From the evidence given by residents (in the main) we are persuaded that the change proposed to the character of Milford is likely to be significant and could have adverse consequences in terms of how people use their neighbourhood, the utility they derive from their living environment, and the community's response to future intensification prospects.''

The commissioners were careful to point out that their decision was not a precedent for other high-rise projects.

''At the head of this decision we noted that this plan change is not a test case for Auckland's intensification.

''We reconfirm this at this point. The issue here is not whether Milford should be an intensified town centre but whether this plan change appropriately facilitates that end.

''Overall we find that the proposed plan change fails to meet the statutory purpose and principles of the RMA and its particular plan change requirements."  

The panel members were chairman David Hill, Councillor Noelene Raffills, David Mead and Janine Bell.

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