Vintage camera user snags a win

16:00, Feb 28 2013
Kim Annan
VINTAGE WIN: Kim Annan with the 5kg vintage camera she used to take 'Welcome Home'.

Lugging her gigantic vintage camera down to the train station to capture two lovers reunited has earnt Kim Annan a place at the finalists' table in an illustrious international photography competition.

The Elam School of Fine Arts student beat entries from more than 230 universities worldwide to be named as one of 10 finalists for the Student Focus section of the Sony World Photography Awards.

Contestants were asked to find the spirit of celebration in their country.

Annan said her shot, Welcome Home, captured the universal language of love and addressed globalisation.

''People can commute to Australia to work for a week and then come home.

''Those sorts of distances are becoming more common and we don't often see people waiting at train stations anymore waiting for their loved ones,'' the 21-year-old said.

''What I wanted to do with the image is show that even though you don't go and meet someone with a sign saying 'welcome home', there is still that intimacy and this feeling of when you get home and you see the person you have been missing.''

She shot the photo using her 8-by-10 large format camera to help encompass the mood further.

Annan used coloured photographic paper instead of film, heaved her 5kg camera down to Britomart and set it on a tripod in the middle of the platform.

The photograph's models had to embrace for four minutes while their picture was taken. The lengthy exposure means passers-by become just a blur.

''In town you get people being silly and walking right in front of the camera and putting their face in it, but because it's such a slow exposure it just doesn't pick up those little movements. 

Annan began using the archaic format a few years ago for a school project and enjoyed the ''hands-on'' nature of the camera.

''There are a whole lot of processes that change your thinking about how you are looking at what you are photographing,'' she said.

The camera she uses is more than 100 years old and was a gift from her partner.

But Annan will have to resort to more modern techniques for the final part of the competition.

Each of the 10 finalists has been provided with a Sony a65 camera and is required to take a series of photos exploring what the word family means to them.

''I've been playing with the camera and travelling down the country taking some photos and getting used to the settings, it's a bit different to the camera I used for the finalist photo,'' Annan said.

She heads to London in April for the Sony World Photography Awards gala ceremony.

The Student Focus award winner receives £35,000 (NZD$63,397) worth of photography equipment for their school.


Kim Annan
TOP PIC: Kim Annan was chosen as a student finalist in the Sony World Photography Awards. Her image 'Welcome Home' was chosen as one of 10 finalists from hundreds around the globe.

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