Two injured as car flips

Two people have been taken to hospital with serious injuries after a car spun and flipped onto a residential fence in West Auckland.

A nurse who ran to help said she was left shaken by the incident, in what was the second accident to hit the street in 10 days.

Police and fire services were called to a car accident along Rosebank Rd at 5.34pm.

Police officer in charge King Sun said a silver Ford Falcon carrying two occupants was travelling East bound on Rosebank Rd. 

Witness saw the car cut the corner too short and spin several times, he said.

The vehicle hit the curb, flipped and landed on someone's fence.

Sun said the driver and passenger were taken to Auckland Hospital with serious injuries.

Witness Hilda Ram heard the loud bang as the car hit the fence just two houses down from where she lived.

"I was in the kitchen at the front of the house and saw a grey car speeding at about 150km. Within seconds it was angled and I heard a big bang."

She ran to the accident scene while on the phone to emergency services.

"Oil was leaking out and I saw two people. They were calling for help. I tried to be strong. I've been a nurse for seven years so I'm used to blood and wounds but I was very shaken when I heard the big bang."

Ram's front concrete fence was knocked down last Sunday after a Mitsubishi van drove through it at high speed.

The house where the car crashed is for sale and it was believed no one was in the house at the time of the accident.

Sun said the driver may not have been wearing a seat belt because he landed in the back seat.

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