Arts plan looks to boost industry

17:00, Jun 26 2014
AWESOME ATMOSPHERE: Arts events such as Diwali allow residents to experience the artistry of other cultures.

Reviving the heart of Auckland's film and television industry is being championed in a new arts plan.

Auckland used to be a hive of film activity, with international shows such as Power Rangers and Spartacus produced here.

In 2009, $433 million was put into Auckland's film production budgets. That plummeted to $280m in 2012, Statistics New Zealand says.

Cr Alf Filipaina says the council and the Government need to work together to regenerate the Auckland industry.

Among other ideas to boost Auckland's arts and culture industry are ticket passports, refurbishing and building new facilities and creating smartphone apps in various languages. The suggestions make up the Arts and Culture Strategic Plan for Auckland, open for feedback until July 24.

The plan aims to get 75 per cent of Aucklanders taking part in the arts by 2040.


In 2010 just 48 per cent of residents attended any of the arts and culture events hosted by the city.

Central Auckland plays host to most of the city's arts events, including the Auckland Arts Festival, Diwali, Chinese Lantern Festival, Art in the Dark and Movies in Parks.

The passport would cut the cost of travel for punters and make empty seats at events available at a reduced cost, Filipaina says.

He says the passport model is used internationally and cuts out the middleman ticketing agencies.

A report presented to Filipaina's arts, culture and events committee says financial barriers prevent many Aucklanders from experiencing the arts.

Almost 50 per cent of New Zealand's creative jobs are based in Auckland.

Scheduling arts events around major international sports events such as the World Masters Games in 2017 should be investigated, the report says.

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