Parking meters 'sensible'

17:00, Jul 01 2014
PARKING CHANGES: Auckland Transport is putting in parking meters in Kingsland to encourage turnover.

Paid parking is coming to Kingsland and with any luck it will free up parking spaces, business society manager Christine Foley says.

It's an older heritage suburb, it's near Eden Park and it's becoming increasingly popular for its shops, cafes and bars, she says.

"Introducing paid parking certainly was something we felt was a last resort in an effort to increase turnover. A good proportion of businesses support the initiative," she says.

Auckland Transport undertook a parking survey last year which showed that parking is near capacity in Kingsland in the middle of the day and again in the evenings after 6.30pm.

Parking meters will be in operation from July 14 in the New North Rd business district, as well as part of Central Rd from 9am till 9pm from Monday to Saturday.

The clearway times and parking restrictions outside the paid zone will be retained and new loading zones and taxi stands created.


There won't be time limits in the paid area and the first 10 minutes will be free. After that parking will cost $1 an hour for the first two hours and $4 an hour for each extra hour.

Foley says this is the way to go.

Albert Eden local board member Tim Woolfield says it's a sensible plan.

"People say ‘I can't get a park in Kingsland at certain times'.

"This hopefully will address that problem," he says.

"The chances of it working are reasonably good based on experiences in other areas."

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