Setting the scene with zines

21:12, Jul 06 2014
Rachel Croft
PERSONAL TOUCH: Rachel Croft sits in her studio with some of her creations.

When Rachel Croft puts together a zine she does it purely for her own enjoyment.

It's the personal nature of creating the small self-published booklets that appeals to her, she says.

"When I first started making zines I didn't think about an audience as such, I just made them for me.

"I still don't really think about the audience, the good thing about making zines is that you don't necessarily have to make them for anyone else specifically. The people that like them, like them for that reason I think."

The Auckland Zinefest kicks off on July 11 and will run over two weekends beginning with the 24-hour Zine Challenge where participants have to create a 24-page zine within the time limit.

On July 19 stallholders will gather at the Auckland Old Folks Association Hall and put their zines on show.


Croft, who publishes under the monicker Grafik Heart, will be taking part in the latter and this will be her third time at the Auckland event. She will be displaying a mix of old and new zines she has created which are mostly humorous.

"Usually I just get an idea from anything.

"Something as simple as old ads aimed at women," she says. "Then I just go and find things like old magazines and websites. I'll set up a dummy copy and stick things into it, and when it's full I'm done."

Zines can be filled with anything from poetry, art and short stories to travel logs. "I fill mine with old advertising, my own outfit choices as a kid, nostalgia-type stuff along with stories and anecdotes."

Croft, a graphic designer, needed a creative outlet that wasn't designing things for other people and making zines was exactly what she was looking for.

"It's all manual style, I usually don't lay anything up on a computer. I just do it all by hand which is different to my day job where I am on a computer all day."

Six years since its inception the Zinefest has grown from 15 stallholders to more than 50.

"We are really excited about how big it's got," organiser Linda Lew says.

"Zines are so easy to make so anyone can give it a go, but you usually find creative types will be drawn to it."

Lew fell in love with the art in 2011 while attending an exhibition in Canberra.

"Zines have always charmed me."

"You feel like you have a piece of the author in your hands.

"When you see works that people have put a lot of effort into, it's really something to appreciate."


24 hour Zine Challenge, July 11-12.

Zine Market, Saturday, July 19, noon to 5pm, Auckland Old Folks Association Hall, 8 Gundry St, Newton.

Kids Zine Making Workshop, Sunday, July 20, 1pm to 3pm, Auckland Central Library.

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