Boo Boo's back on his feet after critical surgery

17:00, May 04 2010
NEW LEASE: Linda Nunn was able to get Boo Boo the surgery he needed with the help of vet Mike Small and donations from Auckland City Harbour News readers.

Abandoned dog Boo Boo has had the surgery he desperately needed.

And it's the response from Auckland City Harbour News readers that's helped him on the road to recovery.

The Auckland City Harbour News ran a story last month with a plea to help animal rehomer Linda Nunn pay for surgery for Boo Boo who was abandoned in an inner city apartment along with two cats.

Her vet bill was over $3000 from helping abandoned animals and looked like climbing to $5000.

Boo Boo's surgery was going to cost about $700 and Ms Nunn wasn't able to book him in for surgery until her vet bill had been paid.

Ms Nunn says she doesn't know of many vets who would allow her bill to get so high.


She discovered both of Boo Boo's hind legs had been broken when he was about six months old and he had had surgery to insert pins in them.

Because his bones were still growing the pins were protruding and causing him discomfort.

Boo Boo had the surgery to remove the pins, including the one that was digging into his kneecap, on April 21. The surgery took 1.5 hours and he has 10 stitches in each leg.

Forrest Hill Veterinary Clinic vet Mike Small says he was a good patient.

"He will make a good recovery and have good use of his legs," Mr Small says.

The discounted surgery cost $850 including a special dry food to assist with arthritis caused by his original injury.

Ms Nunn says she was humbled by the many donations she received in letters and emails from readers.

Boo Boo will have to be confined to a holding crate donated by Masterpet for the next two weeks.

His foster carer Rachel Nilsen of Pine Hill has offered to adopt him.

"It's the best outcome we could have had, except that I've now lost a fosterer," says Ms Nunn.

Topsy and Turvy, the sister cats who were found abandoned with Boo Boo, are still looking for a new home together.

The Purrpetual Boarding Cattery in Albany is giving the two abandoned cats eight weeks' heavily discounted board.


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