Police investigate mutilated animals at Western Springs

Gruesome discoveries at Western Springs Park are causing concern.

Dead animals including gutted ducks, mutilated rabbits and a scalped swan were found near the lakeside by Auckland Council workers on October 1.

SPCA Auckland chief executive Christine Kalin says the nature of the killings is worrying.

"There is a clear link between those who abuse animals and those who harm humans," she says.

"It's not only important for the welfare of animals that we take this incident seriously, but it's also important for the welfare of the community. We hope the people responsible for this disgusting act will be held accountable."

We get complaints about animal cruelty in the park from time to time, but no more than they would from any other major park, Ms Kalin says.

A council spokesman says the incident appears to be isolated.

"Park rangers and contractors have been briefed and asked to keep an eye out for signs of suspicious behaviour. We will also report anything further to the police," he says.

Avondale police intelligence officer Logan Ewers says police are investigating. "If people see this kind of mistreatment of animals they should phone police," he says.

"Obviously it is horrific that this occurred in the first place, but then to leave it in the park which is frequented by a large number of families and children is also a concern."

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