Gluepot gig could be repeated

20:58, Nov 06 2012
Graham Brazier
GLUEPOT CELEBRATED: Graham Brazier of Hello Sailor performs during the reunion for fabled Ponsonby venue the Gluepot Tavern, which was the centre of a music scene in the 1970s and 80s.

It was a chance for familiar faces to reunite and remember good times past, and for a younger generation to learn a bit more about New Zealand's music history.

The Gluepot Reunion shows over the weekend drew in all sorts.

Among those who were in the Gluepot scene in its 1980s heyday and at the weekend's show was Paul Walker, who pulled together the Gluepot Supergroup for the reunion gig.

Between losing a number of the older musicians over the years and others being busy, pulling a band together proved a difficult task.

"It was tricky," Mr Walker says.

"Sadly when I was putting the band together it dawned on me that five of the seven vocalists and one guitarist had died. It really was a major thing to get together but it was really good on the night."

He says all the bands were in fine form.

"Particularly Hello Sailor and Dragon.

"I thought Hello Sailor was the best I'd ever heard them, and I've heard them a lot in the last 20 years."

His son, in his late teens, agreed. "He was there with two friends and he came up and said 'this is better than the Big Day Out'.

"The young people were just blown away by it all."

He would like to see a repeat reunion.

"It was a fantastic thing and I really would like to another one with more of them. Every now and again, that's what I'd like.

"What I noticed is the older generation is happy to go out but it has to be something they would like to see.

"It was a long show, six hours, but it passed really quickly and no one deserted."

Promoter Brent Eccles is also keen to see another Gluepot gig happen.

"It was a lot of happy people, the bands played really well and there was a good feeling among the punters," he says.

"There were a number of quality musicians from that era who had a great feel and understanding of a song – they've still got it, even though they don't get out that much so it's quite inspiring.

"It was quite a long show for them too, but they hung in there."


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