Fireworks litter reserve

16:00, Nov 08 2012
Guy Fawkes rubbish
BIG MESS: Fireworks rubbish collected from Cox’s Bay Reserve by Auckland City Council contractors the morning after Guy Fawkes.

Guy Fawkes went off with a bang in Auckland earlier this week sparking hundreds of calls to emergency services and leaving a big cleanup for some areas in its wake.

After a night of noisy celebrations, residents surrounding Cox's Bay Reserve woke up to a "terrific mess", according to residents.

One man, who did not want to be named, says he is fed up with the number of youths who congregate in the park after dark on Guy Fawkes weekend.

"There were lots of roaming kids making a nuisance of themselves," he says.

"It's not something I want in my neighbourhood."

Fellow resident Jan Woodhouse has lived by the reserve for 15 years and says the area is always a hot spot for Guy Fawkes revellers.


Police were called to remove a "bunch of youths" drinking and setting off fireworks on Saturday, Ms Woodhouse says.

She thinks a lot of it can be put down to youthful mischief but it is mischief the community is left to clean up.

"I'm really impressed with the amount of people picking up afterwards. The youths don't do it."

Nikki Wood also lives in Cox's Bay and says the noise and mess created during Guy Fawkes at the reserve is very stressful.

"I wouldn't want to ban it but it can get out of hand. It would be nice if everything had to stop at 10pm."

Ms Wood says she witnessed some youths firing fireworks in the direction of police officers at the reserve.

Acting Senior Sergeant Christopher Scott says there were several callouts to Cox's Bay over the weekend.

"There was some disorder on both Saturday and Monday nights. It was just the result of silly behaviour by groups of people setting off fireworks."

Some fireworks did come in close range of police but everything was brought under control, he says.

Fire service shift manager Scott Osmond says a slightly damp Monday night meant there were no major incidents in Auckland, with mostly "nuisance" emergency calls. The Fire Service received about 360 emergency calls but none resulted in major fires or threatened properties, he says.

"There was nothing serious, it was mainly scrub fires and bonfires," he says.

An Auckland City Council spokesman says there is always an increase in the amount of litter removed from parks and reserves in the week after Guy Fawkes.

"The staff responsible are pleased to report that this year so far, fireworks material has been left either placed in rubbish bins or stacked neatly beside them."

Cox's Bay has not been a problem area for the council this Guy Fawkes, he says.

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