New K Rd artspace launches

NEW ART: First-time exhibitor Jill Friedlander's work focuses on the layers of life.
NEW ART: First-time exhibitor Jill Friedlander's work focuses on the layers of life.

Adding to the cultural capital that Karangahape Rd already has in droves comes a new artspace launching this week.

The Salon will make its home in the iconic Ironbank and is to be christened with Lineage, an exhibition featuring works from seven local artists.

Multidisciplinary in focus, Lineage takes a quote from Virginia Woolfe as its inspiration: "For we think through our mothers, if we are women".

The artwork represents seven different journeys of self-preservation and struggle, and highlights the authenticity and rawness of relationships.

Artists Sue Dickson, Dorota Broda, Susan Wells, Alvie McKree, Denise Murphy and Jill Varani will have their work on show in Lineage, as well as first-time exhibitor Jillian Friedlander whose work consists of a collection of raw black and white photographs.

"It's all about the layers of life. I want to show people as they are. Wrinkles, freckles; they're all characteristics of life. Whether it's good, bad or in-between - the wonders of age are what give you wisdom," she says. 

"Life experience teaches you to look at things in a different light and appreciate the simple things in life."

Friedlander says The Salon is an ideal place for both non-established and well-known artists to showcase their work and exchange creative ideas.

"There's already a dynamic community of creative talent here and it's really exciting to be a part of it."

December 5 - 19
Ironbank, Unit 8, 150 Karangahape Road, Auckland
11am - 5pm (Mon to Friday) and 11am- 3pm (Sat & Sun)

Opening night, Wednesday 5 December, 6pm-8pm
Each guest will receive a white rose

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