Escapologist gives free show

16:00, Feb 21 2013
Mitch Jones
KINGSLAND'S HOUDINI: Circus sideshow performer Mitch ‘‘Captain Ruin’’ Jones will be performing a free stunt show outside the Basement Theatre on February 26.

Direct from a daring escape attempt from a Turkish jail cell, stunt performer Mitch "Captain Ruin" Jones will be turning a downtown car park into his stage when he returns home to Auckland next week.

The circus sideshow performer will be executing his fire eating and escapology stunts for free outside the Basement Theatre on February 26 from 6.30pm to 7pm in the lead up to his first solo show One Night Stand.

Mr Jones grew up in Kingsland before moving to Melbourne and has gone on to perform his stunts to sellout audiences around the world.

One Night Stand uses sideshow and circus-based skills to tell the tales of his many adventures including his six-week incarceration in a Turkish jail following a street fight.

He claims to have removed his handcuffs using only a paperclip in the back of a police van at the height of Istanbul's summer and removed his shirt. As the van pulled up at the courthouse, Mr Jones says he panicked and put the handcuffs back on but without his shirt. The guards appeared not to notice and he was later set free.

The show will run from February 27 to March 2 at the Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave.

Go to or phone 361 1000 for tickets.


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