Three trees put on their winter coats

19:32, Jul 16 2013
knit tree 1
Yarn bombed: Three Mt Albert trees have been given the graffiti knitting treatment.
knit tree 1
Repeat target: The CJ Munro statue at the New Zealand Rugby Museum in Palmerston North was yarn bombed for the second time earlier in the month.
knit tree 1
Brightened up: A sculpture in Palmerston North’s Coleman Mall was hit in March.
knit tree 1
Wooly addition: Paul Dibble’s Pacific Monarch sculpture that stands outside the Manawatu Art Gallery was yarn bombed in January.

A cluster of Mt Albert trees are sporting a bright bloom of colours thanks to a crew of needle and wool wielding guerilla artists.

Yarn bombing is sometimes called graffiti knitting and involves covering public objects with knitting or crochet patches.

Daring artists across the world have hit everything from military tanks to the famous bull sculpture near the New York Stock Exchange.

Three trees that neighbour the Triniti of Silver Cafe on New North Rd are the latest examples.

Albert-Eden Local Board members Pauline Anderson, Margi Watson, and artist Zoe Nash are among those responsible.

"It's not a board initiative, we just did it for a bit of fun," Mrs Anderson says.

"It's such a grey place we thought we'd brighten it up a bit."

Mrs Anderson says they'll take the work down when it starts to deteriorate.


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