ACC covers Mimi's hospital care

16:00, Nov 21 2013
Mimi Sayid
COSTS COVERED: Mimi Sayid’s family is relieved that ACC will pay for her hospital treatment after she was bitten by a dog.

The family of a young girl mauled by a dog has one less thing to worry about.

ACC has confirmed it will cover the costs of 10-year-old Mimi Sayid's treatment after she was attacked by a dog while playing at Pasadena Intermediate school on the evening of October 16.

Ethiopian-born Mimi has only been in New Zealand for 11 months and her stepfather Edosa Mustefa said in a story published in the Auckland City Harbour News on November 13 that he was worried the family would have to foot the bill for Mimi's hospital stay because she isn't yet a New Zealand resident.

"I'm very happy. I was so worried because I didn't know how I was going to pay for it," Mr Mustefa says.

Non-residents don't automatically qualify for free health care but when they are injured as a result of an accident in New Zealand ACC will cover the cost of treatment while they are here, a spokeswoman for the department says.

The dog that attacked Mimi was seized by the Auckland Council.

An investigation into the incident is still under way.


Auckland City Harbour News