Help keep garden alive

16:00, Dec 05 2013
Vic Park
GREEN FINGERS: Andrew Mackenzie volunteers to look after the gardens outside the Wilson carpark opposite Victoria Park Market.

All it took was a few months of neglect for Victoria St West's makeshift community garden to grow out of control.

But city-dweller Andrew Mackenzie is hoping some green-fingered volunteers will help stop that from happening this summer.

The gardens lining the outside of the car park next to Victoria Park Market have been growing for more than a year thanks to a bit of ingenuity and a few helping hands.

Mr Mackenzie and two friends noticed earlier this year the area was no longer being maintained and stepped up to weed and replant it.

It is now full of herbs and vegetables which people can help themselves to and leave a donation.

Mr Mackenzie is going to be away from Auckland over the summer and needs some volunteers to step in and help out.


"I don't want it to die. We're really just looking for people to water it. If people can do some weeding as well that would be great," he says.

At the moment some volunteers just turn on the soaker hose on their way to the gym and turn it off on their way back.

Others spend an hour or two tending to the garden every couple of weeks.

"There's no formal schedule - I'm not going to commit anyone to dates or times. Just anything and everything really can help."

You don't need to be a seasoned gardener to lend a hand, Mr Mackenzie says.

The central Auckland resident admits he didn't have a clue what he was doing to start with.

"I have never gardened in my life. I'm learning what are weeds by people who walk past really."

Contact Andrew Mackenzie at to help out.

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