An arsonist's tag?

16:00, Dec 12 2013
RECOGNISE THIS: This graffiti was found at the scene of two fires.

Police are hoping distinctive graffiti will lead them to a suspected arsonist.

The graffiti was found at the scene of two deliberately lit fires on the same street on the weekend.

A couch was set alight under a carport on Cardigan St, Western Springs, around 11.10pm on Saturday.

Quick-thinking neighbours pulled the couch away from the house so the fire didn't spread, constable Lucy Horne says.

Distinctive graffiti done with a green marker pen was found nearby.

Emergency services were called out again around 2.40pm when a boat on a trailer was reported as being on fire, also on Cardigan St.


The boat, a vehicle and a building had been tagged with the same graffiti.

Nobody was injured in either fire but the damage to the boat was significant, Ms Horne says.

"Being so close to the house, it had the potential to be quite dangerous. It's just lucky it didn't spread."

A vegetation fire on Myrtle St is also being looked into.

Email or call 820 5623. Or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 with information.

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