Call to improve road safety measures

Safety measures need to be improved at a busy Parnell intersection where a cyclist was killed, witnesses say.

A truck driver collided with cyclist John Tangiia at the intersection of Parnell Rise and Stanley St on Tuesday afternoon and continued driving for a few metres before realising what had happened.

Emergency services were called to the scene about 2.15pm.

Police say the collision happened as the cyclist rode down Parnell Rise and turned into the Strand.

St John ambulance communications team manager Norm Ngatai said the 37-year-old was in a critical condition when the ambulance arrived. He died shortly afterward.

Ray White was in his bedroom above the Strand Tavern when he heard a lot of commotion. A woman was screaming and a truck driver was continually tooting the horn. He rushed to a window to get a better look.

"I saw the guy on the road virtually flattened. I think I saw him take his last breath.

"The ambulance took about five to 10 minutes to get there.

"They had a look at him and then his whole body just shrugged.

"I saw them put the blankets over him and I sort of knew he had passed. I feel so sorry for the family.

"This is not a great way for them to start off 2014."

It would be safer for everyone if trucks heading to and from the port used another route not frequented by commuters, he says.

Lance Wiggs arrived at the scene shortly after the accident and dialled emergency services, who had already received numerous calls from the public.

"The truck had gone past Parnell Rise, the back of the truck was carrying a Maersk container, and the back of the truck was still poking over Parnell Rise a little," he says.

"The victim was lying in front of the truck and the bicycle was on the footpath a bit further beyond and there was a lot of people there who were very, very upset."

Mr Wiggs agrees cycle safety at the intersection must be improved.

There needs to be wider, painted cycle lanes and fewer lanes of car traffic on Parnell Rise, he says.

Police are unable to comment on the cause of the crash while the Serious Crash Unit investigates.

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