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16:00, Jan 16 2014
Rubbish Art
ROOT DOWN: Martin Leung-Wai, Martin Langdon and Petelo Esekielu from The Roots are installing a movable sculpture in Auckland Art Gallery made from more than 300 cardboard tubes.

A year's worth of rubbish will be installed in the Auckland Art Gallery's atrium tomorrow.

Hot on the heels of the Big Day Out the gallery is holding its annual Big Day Art, which explores everyday creativity through a series of hands-on activities.

The event will feature the artistic stylings of The Roots, a collective of creative individuals who engage the community in creative and sustainable art projects.

They will be installing a dynamic moveable sculpture comprised of cardboard tubing collected by The Roots member Martin Langdon.

He noticed that the refuse from his day-job as a graphic designer was not being put to good use, so he started squirreling away unwanted cardboard tubes.

"After that I developed a relationship with the tubes and was really seeing its potential in a different way," he says.


"Then this opportunity comes up where we can actually apply this and help other people see the potential and maybe think about the waste that they have in their industry and their household, and repurposing it."

The tubes have been cut and painted different colours for the installation. They can be slotted into purpose-built bases and rearranged into different formations by gallery-goers.

"People can play and spell out their name, build rooms and walls. Anything that they want to do with that material within that space," Mr Langdon says.

"So it's about their innovations and the shared experience between the parents, the kids and the other people building in the space."

The installation will be in the North Atrium for a week.

Gallery community learning co-ordinator Meg Nicoll says The Roots collective was chosen for the Big Day Art because of its goal of inspiring young people through creativity.

"We can't wait to see The Roots' installation evolve," she says.

The Big Day Art is for all ages and is free of charge. Visit for a full schedule of events.

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