Big day out in the backyard

18:53, Jan 22 2014
BDO Fans
GREAT VIEW: Fans enjoy the show from a neighbouring property.

Imagine an all day rock concert over the back fence.

It's a reality for Old Mill Rd  residents who've just had more than 40,000 revellers descend on Western Springs for the Big Day Out.

And it looks like they might get four more years of it because organisers have resource consent to keep the show going.

BDO Fans
CATCH THIS: Walshy Fire of Major Lazer goes crowd surfing at Big Day Out

But few seem to mind and many enjoyed the January 17 event as much as the paying punters did.

Most had friends and family over for a few drinks or a barbecue to watch the live bands from their backyards and many were given bottles of wine autographed by Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder.

Nova Greenwood was among them and says numerous people offered to pay her $10 or $20 to watch from her house but she declined.


BDO Fans
CHEERS EDDIE: Old Mill Rd residents Milani Ta’ufo’ou and Dianne Vaeau are chuffed with their signed bottle of wine from Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder after the first Big Day Out at Western Springs. Photo: Jess Lee.

"I've never had an issue with concerts or speedway," she says.

"I enjoy having the concerts here."

Brian Dalley missed out on the wine but was still enthusiastic about the day. He enjoyed the music while having a barbecue and a "bit of a party" with friends.

"It was a good set-up and I hope it continues," Mr Dalley says.

"It's good to see Auckland backing a few things like that now.

"Even looking over the fence, the crowds were all behaving. There was the odd clown but nothing to talk about."

It was the first time the Big Day Out had been held at Western Springs after moving from Mt Smart Stadium.

Neighbour Brendan Foster decided to buy a ticket and is pragmatic about big events being held in residential areas.

"It's only every so often," he says.

"If you want to live here you've got to put up with it."

Mia Duncan-Gardener, 14, says the concert was probably louder than Speedway but better because it was music.

"I was pretty excited to hear it was coming here," she says.

"We had quite a few friends over to watch it."

Dianne Vaeau says the Big Day Out was well run.

"The only thing that was a bit unsettling was that we got a crossover - because we're higher - we got the sound from both stages so it was a bit of a mixture."

The bottle of wine she received says "thanks for letting us make noise in such a beautiful spot - Eddie Vedder".

"I thought ‘oh that's a bit classy of Eddie Vedder', you know?"

Resident Margaret Skipper is equally relaxed.

"We've had plenty of these concerts. It's just part of this place," she says.

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