Tattletale Saints plan big US tour

16:00, Feb 06 2014
tattletale saints
NOMINATED: Vanessa McGowan and Cy Winstanley of Tattletale Saints.

Silver Scroll-nominated duo Tattletale Saints are about to take on the United States.

The duo's 50-date tour will kick off on the East Coast this March and they'll be sharing the stage with Nashville-based bluegrass band 10 String Symphony.

This is after they tour New Zealand, playing 21 dates together in just 23 days.

Putting the six-month tour together has been both exciting yet terrifying for Saints' bassist Vanessa McGowan.

But it's a test for what will hopefully become a fulltime job for the folk-pop band, Vanessa says.

Living out of suitcases and hopping from town to town isn't for everyone, Vanessa says, but sharing their music and releasing their album will be rewarding.


Vanessa and Saints singer Cy Winstanley met Rachel Baiman and Christian Sedelmyer of 10 String Symphony last time they were in Nashville.

They joked about touring together but realised their acts would blend well live, Vanessa says.

Saints frontman Cy was nominated for last year's prestigious Silver Scroll Award, missing out to Lorde.

Cy met Vanessa in the Queen City Big Band, when they were both high school students in Auckland.

After they reconnected in the United Kingdom several years later, they began playing music together again, Vanessa, 31, says.

Their album How Red Is The Blood was recorded in Nashville, widely known as the country music capital in the United States.

Vanessa says they hope to record their follow-up album at year's end.

Tattletale Saints and 10 String Symphony play The Gunslingers' Ball at Grey Lynn Park, February 23.

Go to tattletalesaints.com for information.

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